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Monthly Archive: October 2016

Know Yourself – Prevent The Chaos Of STDs

stdSexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have become a rising concern in almost all countries across the globe. According to the CDC, there are over 20 billion STD cases newly emerging every year in the United States of America, creating dangerous health issues like cancer, infertility, blindness and organ damage. STDs are infectious diseases that spread from one person to another by intimate or sexual contact. People consider it as a matter of embarrassment and are unfortunately left untreated. The ultimate result would be the complete ruin of health. STDs can be prevented or controlled to a greater extent if diagnosed early and given prompt care. Getting regularly tested for STDs is mandatory now as STDs do not pose any symptoms initially.  Test centres promote testing for STDs and create awareness among the youngsters about the risks involved in having unprotected sex. For instance, at the Los Angeles STD testing, they keep facilities and counselling sessions for both protection and safety. To know more on the CDC updates concerning STDs and its treatment, log into .

How important it is to educate yourself?

Sexual health plays an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship. The symptoms of STDs are too non-specific. You may not be aware about its occurrence, or may be too late to realize its effects on your body after infection. Unprotected sex, having multiple partners, sexual involvement at younger age, etc. all attribute to the increase in the incidence of STDs. If you are considering having an unprotected intercourse, that means sex without measures like condoms, ask your partner some very basic questions. Inquire if he has had an incidence of STD any time or have ever been tested for it recently. Ask for the type of STDs that he contracted and details regarding the undergone treatment and how far it was effective for him. Mention about whether or not they have had sex with other person since they tested last. An honest approach saves both you and your partner from spreading these diseases. Do not stay quiet assuming that your partner will tell you all about their experiences later on. It may be hard and embarrassing for them to open up.

How do you save yourself from an STD spread?

The threat of untreatable STDs like gonorrhoea underscores the methods of prevention and contributes to the spread of these diseases. Several socio-cultural barriers like age, employment, education, religion, culture and gender intervene in the preventive measures used to contain the spread of STDs. Refraining from sex is the best method to avoid contact with STDs. However, this is not a fool-proof method when the emotional feelings are considered. Hence, barrier contraceptives become a better choice. Condoms are the barriers against the contact of infectious viruses from one person to other. Careful management of their use and disposal prevents the diseases from becoming widespread across the community. Screen your body by attending a sexual-health check-up prior to involving in sexual contact. This has limitations of its own as many of the infections may go unnoticed sometimes. Many vaccines are now available offering protection against Hepatitis B and HPV viruses. Spermicides also can prevent the contagious behaviour of STDs.