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What You Gain From Straight Arm Pull Downs

straight arm pulldown

If you observe closely, you will find that mostly all people are becoming health conscious in one way or the other. Some may choose to go for diets or others may choose exercise. The real serious groups opt for a combination of these two. When it comes to exercising also, there are so many different variants of workouts. The industry has equipment of all kinds which are used to train each part of the body. For example, if you visit a gym, you will be able to understand using cable pullover how to target a particular area or how you could reduce belly fat using other equipment. Sites like are very useful in providing information about fitness programs.
Here let’s take a look at some of the benefits attained from straight arm pull downs. First, you need to understand what a straight arm pulls down is. This is an exercise used to increase back width. This allows the major muscles in the back to be included in the workout without the interference of biceps. Straight arm pulldowns are an important part of every exercise program and you should not avoid this from your exercise routine.
Stand before the pull-down machine and place your hands on the bar in a shoulder width. Do not fold your arms. Keep them straight. The pull-down bar should be above shoulder height. Pull the bars all the way down while keeping your arms straight. This is basically what is done in a straight arm pull down.
Parts of the body that are benefited by straight arm pull downs:-
teres major
the latissimus dorsi
the long head of the triceps
the posterior deltoid

The best benefit you earn out of this is that you can work out on your back without straining the biceps. Usually, people who train you will schedule this to the last bit of your regime. You will have worn out the accessory muscles like the brachioradialis and biceps as you near the end of your exercise session. The smaller muscles get fatigued and you will not be gaining any advantage out of working them again. Including straight arm pull downs will help you to avoid these muscles and still work out to add back width. Try out 3 -4 sets of this workout to know the difference.

Don’t go overboard and strain the ulnar collateral ligament. Straight arm pulls downs, when done excessively, have been known to cause strain on the ulnar collateral ligament. You will experience elbow pain if you have strained this ligament as you try pulling down the bar.
When performed in moderation, you will actually feel the strain relieving from your back. This is one exercise where you can activate all the abdominal muscles effectively.
As in all exercise routines, you should always talk to your medical practitioner before you start on this exercise program too. Health is wealth, so check with your Doctor and decide the best plan for your body. It can prove dangerous if you start exercising without consulting a doctor.