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How A Tumbling Composter Can Save Your Balcony Garden


With more and more urban gardens popping up, the need to create a viable fertilization system is more important than ever. While it is simply easier to spray a couple of synthetic compounds onto the plants and hope for the best, traditional and all-natural techniques such as composting are better for the plants and hence, the final product in the long run. Based on more than a dozen composting reviews, the Envirocycler Composter ticks all the boxes when it comes to creating a compost heap for small gardens or when space for a full-sized composter is simply not viable. Getting your own compost is the best natural fertilizer for your plants as per the website

For one, this composter a high-quality, compact unit. The part which tumbles is set on less than five square feet so that the owner is not forced to give up precious square footage for a little compost that can be used for other purposes. Funnily enough, while this composter is Canadian-made, it is only available in Canada through online orders. The barrel is made from a UV stabilized plastic that has been recycled. It can hold a total volume of about 52 gallons and has provision for liquid from the composting process to drain from the barrel of the composter and be collected inside the base, which can hold up to 5 gallons of runoff liquid.

The advantages of the Envirocycle Composter are numerous, starting with its compact size. It is perfectly adequate to handle the kitchen waste of most households. The horizontal mounting helps with the rotation even with the barrel full. Because the composter is hermetically sealed, there are no odors or pests around it, which makes the space around it useable as well. The composter is designed to be left outside during the winter and scraps can be added to the unit during this time. However, it is advisable to leave the turning till spring. The base of the barrel also produces a leachate similar to compost tea that on dilution can be a liquid fertilizer.

Despite how good the product is and the advantages of using it, some people have found a few difficulties with it. For example, when the barrel is full of compost, some people might find it difficult to rotate the composter, and this may not be suitable for people with chronic pains. Another more glaring problem is because tumbling composters are batch composters, they have to remain sealed and inactive for as many as 10 weeks. Many people have worked around this problem by buying a second composter to fill while the other decomposes.

With a warranty that covers all parts of the composter and has a validity of 5 years, it’s easy to see why this particular tumbling composter has been so popular. Amongst the many individual charms of the composter itself, the Envirocycle Systems company is known for committed customer service, such as sending out multiple replacements. It is a commitment like this coupled with a great product that has earned the Envirocycle Composter a great reputation as a mini-composter and a loyal fan base throughout the world.